Bulk CBD Gold Formula has the Highest Concentration of any Plus CBD Oil™ Product

Bulk CBD – Gold Formula has a rich golden color. This color is the result of the short-path distillation process that Plus CBD Oil uses. Beginning with their Total Pbuy-cbd-plus=cbd-oil-gold-formula-1lant Complex, Plus CBD Oil’s refinement eliminates all of the unwanted plant material. All that remains in Bulk CBD – Gold Formula is a concentrated blend of cannabinoids, plant-derived sterols, and vitamin E.

Plus CBD Oil manufactures a range of CBD products derived from agricultural hemp, and is recognized as the market leader in quality, consistency, and transparency. Bulk CBD – Gold Formula represents their most refined, purest, and most concentrated product, and is available to qualified buyers at a discount.

Manufacturers and formulators who are interested in infusing their own products with a high-quality source of hemp-derived CBD will appreciate the high-concentration levels in Bulk CBD – Gold Formula. This means you can add less oil to your products and still achieve a high level of nutritional CBD.

For the purists who want to isolate the benefits of cannabinoids, plant-derived sterols, and vitamin E, while removing any other plant material from their CBD oil, Bulk CBD – Gold Formula is the answer. Backed by Plus CBD Oil’s proven track record of quality and consistency, Bulk CBD – Gold Formula is available for next day shipping at a discount to qualified buyers.

Plus CBD Oil (http://pluscbdoil.com) is the best selling brand of CBD Oil in the USA. It has been built with a commitment to science, and adheres to the principles and transparency in both its business processes and in its communications. A wholly owned brand of CV Sciences Inc. (OTCBB: CVSI), following the lead of its parent company, Plus CBD Oil providing the best quality CBD Oil product in the market while complying to strict corporate governance and a hands-on approach to manufacturing.

Plus CBD Oil products are tested in an advanced-research testing center again focused on high quality.  The company tests for potency, consistency, and health and safety to ensure an individual are receiving the most dependable CBD oil products available in the market. Once tested, samples are then sent to an off-site laboratory who conducts blind testing to confirm results.  

This same attention to detail exists at every stage of the supply chain.  For instance farming each of our hemp seed-stock, independent verification, and carefully choosing retailers that follow the same quality principles. We ensure that you possess the best product readily available, From Seed to Shelf™.

CBD Oil (http://pluscbdoil.com) is a natural supplement. Natural supplements may incorporate vitamins, minerals, along with herbal remedies, and they are typically sold as pills, powders, concentrates as well as fluids. Plus CBD Oil is obtainable in several use-applications, and can be purchased in the form of a balm, a spray, in capsules, or as natural oils of varying concentration. Whatever the transmission method, nutritional supplements are designed to boost or aid the natural functions of your body. CBD Oil can be acquired at Wholesale CBD prices for resellers and Bulk CBD oil discounts for qualifying formulators.

CBD Oils should be endorsed by an official health and safety examination as well as only taken under the care of and advice of a medical professional.  Plus CBD Oil does not make any claims  that its supplements address, cure or mitigate ailments or their indicators.  Please talk to your medical professional before taking CBD Oil.  CBD Oil shouldn’t be taken by individuals under the age of 18, or those who are currently pregnant or lactating. To keep up to date with the shifting face of CBD Oil, please go to pluscbdoil.com/faqs.

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