Bulk CBD Vape Oil by Plus CBD Oil™

Bulk CBD – Oil Vape e-liquid has been formulated by Plus CBD Oil to provide the rapidly growing vape market with the absolute highest quality CBD oil vape e-liquid available. Produced in the industry’s only cGMP and NSF-certified production facility, Bulk CBD – Vape e-liquid is the most traceable and purest vape e-liquid on the market.

Plus CBD Oil walks the walk with its Seed-to-Shelfpromise, double lab testing, and careful sourcing from a co-op of agricultural hemp farmers operating under strict EU guidelines. Bulk CBD – Oil Vape liquid meets the same high standards required for all Plus CBD Oil products, and can be relied on for both its quality and consistency.bulk-cbd-plus-cbd-oil-vape-2

For manufacturers and formulators who are seeking the absolute highest quality Bulk CBD – Oil Vape liquid on the market, look no further. As the market leader in nutritional CBD products, and with the largest inventory in North America, Plus CBD Oil is ready to ship its Bulk CBD – Vape e-liquid at a discount to qualified buyers.

Thoughtful and thorough processing of high-quality hemp, refined using industry-leading technology, and tested by world-class labs to the highest standards, Bulk CBD – Vape e-liquid is the finest and purest vape e-liquid available on the market today.

Plus CBD Oil (http://pluscbdoil.com), the leading brand of CBD Oil in the United States, is actually constructed upon a foundation of research, market fundamentals and transparency. Owned and managed by CV Sciences Inc. (OTCBB: CVSI), the Plus CBD Oil trademark features all the values of its parent company.

Plus CBD Oil is fully committed to developing and shipping the optimum in high quality CBD products available to the market. Plus CBD Oil products are actually screened in a state-of-the-art laboratory with respect to top quality, effectiveness, health and safety to guarantee that an individual is getting the most trusted CBD oil products accessible.

In order to make each of our top quality Plus CBD Oil products, we ensure transparency in each phase of our logistics system. Including growing all of our hemp seeds, conducting laboratory assessment to ensure good quality, third party testing, and selecting the best distributors. We can ensure that you get the best product available, and support that assurance with our Seed to Shelf™ guarantee.

CBD Oil (http://pluscbdoil.com) is a nutritional supplement. Nutritional supplements normally include nutrients, minerals, and herbal plants, and they are normally sold as capsules, powders, concentrates or liquids. Plus CBD Oil is on the market in various forms, and is sold in the form of lotion, spray, capsules, and in oils and concentrates of varying strength. Regardless of the delivery method, nutritional supplements are created for boosting or facilitating the natural functions of our systems. CBD Oil is available at Wholesale CBD selling prices for resellers and Bulk CBD oil discounts for formulators.

CBD Oil, like any nutritional supplement, should be backed by an official safety examination and doctor recommendations. It is essential to note that Plus CBD Oil doesn’t assert that its products treat or mitigate illnesses and also their symptoms. As is the case with any supplement, make sure you consult your medical doctor prior to consuming CBD Oil. Furthermore, CBD Oil is never suitable for people under the age of 18, or for those who’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding. For more details and to keep up on the changing face of the CBD Oil industry, please visit http://pluscbdoil.com/faqs.

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