CBD Oil Balm Uses and Benefits

Buy CBD Oil  PLUS CBD OIL Balm from the industry leader.  Plus CBD Oil is the leading brand of CBD Oil in the North American market. This is because it is the highest quality and most traceable CBD in the industry. Plus CBD Oil has built a reputation on quality, organizational transparency and science-based research practices.

Plus CBD Oil customers have come to trust and buy CBD oil balm from us because we have the most recognizable brand of CBD oil in the natural products industry. Plus CBD Oil is trusted to deliver on consistency and purity.


Buy CBD Oil balm from Plus CBD Oil and give your body the comfort it needs.  Plus CBD Oil Balm is infused with balancing cannabidiol (CBD) from agricultural hemp aerial plant parts. Additionally, Plus CBD Oil Balm supports healthy skin. This botanical superstar revitalizes your skin, leaving it with a fresh and cool sensation.

Consumers who buy CBD Oil Balm from Plus CBD Oil have shared that they like that it is was made with raw, CO2 extracted hemp extract, and that it contains no artificial dyes or fragrances. While each bottle of Plus CBD Oil Balm contains 1.3 oz. of CBD oil balm, 50 mg is pure, hemp derived CBD and CBDA. The balm contains natural herbal extracts. People trust and buy CBD oil balm from Plus CBD Oil because of these attributes and more. For example, Plus CBD Oil Balm is non-GMO and is gluten-free. People also choose to buy CBD oil balm from Plus CBD Oil because they like the refreshing peppermint scent. Plus CBD Oil Balm is intended for external use only, and should be applied topically, as it is needed.

buy-cbd-plus-cbd-oil-balmPRODUCT DESCRIPTION – Each 1.3oz bottle of Plus CBD Oil Balm contains:

  • Blend of 50mg hemp-derived CBDA & CBD with natural herbal extracts
  • Made with our raw CO2 extracted hemp extract
  • No artificial dyes or fragrances
  • Non-GMO & Gluten Free
  • Refreshing Peppermint scent

USE: For External Use Only.  Apply topically as needed.

Plus CBD Oil (http://pluscbdoil.com), the class leading brand of CBD Oil in the United States, is built with a foundation of scientific research, business fundamentals and transparency. Managed by CV Sciences Inc. (OTCBB: CVSI), the Plus CBD Oil brand reflects the values of its parent company.

Plus CBD Oil is committed to producing and supplying the highest quality CBD products in the market. Plus CBD Oil products are tested in a state-of-the-art laboratory for quality, potency, and safety to ensure you are getting the most trusted CBD oil products accessible.

To make our high quality Plus CBD Oil products,we try to control every step of the supply chain process. This includes harvesting our hemp seed products, laboratory testing for quality, 3rd party testing for verification, and choosing only excellent vendors. We ensure that you have the best product available, From Seed to Shelf™.

CBD Oil is an important nutritional supplement. Health supplements normally include natural vitamins, minerals, and also herbal products, and therefore are normally manufactured in the form of pills, powders, concentrates and fluids. Plus CBD Oil is on the market in a collection of types, and is provided in the form of lotion, mist, capsules, or oils in various concentrations. Irrespective of the transmission process, nutritional supplements can be created for increasing or aiding the natural processes of the body. CBD Oil can be acquired at Wholesale CBD selling prices for shops and Bulk CBD oil special discounts designed for registered formulators.

CBD Oil, as with all health supplements, should be backed by an official safety assessment along with medical doctor advice. It is recommended to take note of, nonetheless, that Plus CBD Oil doesn’t state their offerings remedy, cure or minimize any specific ailments or their symptoms. As is the circumstance with every nutritional supplement, it is best to speak to your medical doctor before consuming CBD Oil. Further, CBD Oil may not be suitable for persons below the age of 18, or for individuals who are currently pregnant and / or breast feeding. For additional information as well as keep up with the constantly shifting CBD Oil sector, please go to pluscbdoil.com/faqs.

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