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Importing Hemp Into the US

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Plus CBD Oil ( sources its CBD from European agricultural hemp that is grown under strict EU guidelines. For most American businesses, the opportunity to source hemp domestically hasn’t yet been realized. Much of the debate about domestic hemp in the United States has been confused with changing state laws pertaining to marijuana. Although they … Continue reading Importing Hemp Into the US

Hemp is on the Move

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Hemp-derived Plus CBD Oil ( is the industry’s leading brand. Hemp-derived CBD Oil is just one piece of a much larger, and burgeoning hemp industry. Amazing developments and innovations across a wide array of industries and applications demonstrates only the beginning of what is possible with hemp. New building materials, textiles, foods, fuels, and supplements … Continue reading Hemp is on the Move

Hemp: A Safe and Reliable Source of CBD Oil

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Choose the best CBD oil product available on the Market CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of more than 100 cannabinoids found in agricultural  hemp. However, purchasing CBD oil products sourced from agricultural  hemp, such as Plus CBD Oil (, rather than from indoor commercially grown marijuana reflects a very different choice. When choosing a CBD … Continue reading Hemp: A Safe and Reliable Source of CBD Oil

The Need for Seed: A Growing Challenge

Plus CBD Oil ( was thrilled with the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill. Among other things, the bill allows for the cultivation of agricultural hemp in a number of US states, primarily for the purposes of research and development. Two years later, many of those R&D programs have made tremendous progress toward establishing a … Continue reading The Need for Seed: A Growing Challenge