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Farm Bill 2018 Passes – What Does It Mean for CBD Oil?

In December of 2018, a Farm Bill permanently legalizing hemp was passed through the United States Senate and House of Representatives. The bill was passed with overwhelming support, marking the significant shift that has occurred over the last decade in how hemp is perceived by both the government and the general public. The Farm Bill … Continue reading Farm Bill 2018 Passes – What Does It Mean for CBD Oil?

The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

With CBD growing in popularity, it’s becoming a topic of conversation in many different circles. There seems to be some confusion around the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, specifically. Though hemp oil and CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) are both derived from the same plant – agricultural hemp – they serve very different purposes. … Continue reading The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Importing Hemp Into the US

Plus CBD Oil ( sources its CBD from European agricultural hemp that is grown under strict EU guidelines. For most American businesses, the opportunity to source hemp domestically hasn’t yet been realized. Much of the debate about domestic hemp in the United States has been confused with changing state laws pertaining to marijuana. Although they … Continue reading Importing Hemp Into the US

Hemp is on the Move

Hemp-derived Plus CBD Oil ( is the industry’s leading brand. Hemp-derived CBD Oil is just one piece of a much larger, and burgeoning hemp industry. Amazing developments and innovations across a wide array of industries and applications demonstrates only the beginning of what is possible with hemp. New building materials, textiles, foods, fuels, and supplements … Continue reading Hemp is on the Move

Hemp and Soil Remediation

CV Sciences is dedicated to the long-term and sustainable advancement of the domestic agricultural hemp industry. Though much of our focus is on maintaining our leadership and highest standards in the manufacturing and distribution of Plus CBD Oil (, CV Sciences recognizes that a healthy hemp marketplace can address a much more broad set of … Continue reading Hemp and Soil Remediation