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Importing Hemp Into the US

Plus CBD Oil ( sources its CBD from European agricultural hemp that is grown under strict EU guidelines. For most American businesses, the opportunity to source hemp domestically hasn’t yet been realized. Much of the debate about domestic hemp in the United States has been confused with changing state laws pertaining to marijuana. Although they … Continue reading Importing Hemp Into the US

Hemp is on the Move

Hemp-derived Plus CBD Oil ( is the industry’s leading brand. Hemp-derived CBD Oil is just one piece of a much larger, and burgeoning hemp industry. Amazing developments and innovations across a wide array of industries and applications demonstrates only the beginning of what is possible with hemp. New building materials, textiles, foods, fuels, and supplements … Continue reading Hemp is on the Move

Hemp and Soil Remediation

CV Sciences is dedicated to the long-term and sustainable advancement of the domestic agricultural hemp industry. Though much of our focus is on maintaining our leadership and highest standards in the manufacturing and distribution of Plus CBD Oil (, CV Sciences recognizes that a healthy hemp marketplace can address a much more broad set of … Continue reading Hemp and Soil Remediation

Hemp and Pest/Disease Resistance: Keeping Plus CBD Oil Clean

Hemp farming is sustainable At Plus CBD Oil (, we know that every agricultural crop on our planet crop faces the twin challenges of pests and disease. Some crops are more susceptible to these risks, and widespread monocropping has contributed to this vulnerability. Without the use of pesticides and other chemical controls, the mega-farms that … Continue reading Hemp and Pest/Disease Resistance: Keeping Plus CBD Oil Clean

Our Take on Hemp Biofuel By CV Sciences

CV Sciences ( recognizes that biofuels have been a hot topic in the media for nearly a decade. Most American adults who drive automobiles recall the appearance of notifications at the fuel pump letting us know that our gas is blended with ethanol. The United States Department of Energy notes that “97% of U.S. gasoline … Continue reading Our Take on Hemp Biofuel By CV Sciences

Nanotechnology, Graphene Batteries and Hemp

CV Sciences, the makers of Plus CBD Oil ( notes interesting recent developments in nanotechnology and the emerging possibilities of graphene batteries. Graphene is a nanomaterial, a material that contains nanoparticles that measure smaller than 100 nanometers in one dimension. Over the past couple of years, graphene has gained credibility as a possible “next-step” for … Continue reading Nanotechnology, Graphene Batteries and Hemp