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CBD oil concentrates are the purest form of cannabidiol offered by Plus CBD Oil back by the seed to shelf guarantee™.   They are independently tested for quality and concentration, and are available in both Oral Applicators and Gram Jars. Get the best quality CBD oil concentrate in the market and rest assured it is made with decarboxylated hemp oil in a pure and highly concentrated state.

No Fillers, No Flavorings, and No Added Ingredients.

CBD oil concentrates are designed for the purist, and available in both the Total Plant Complex and Gold Formulas.  The Total Plant Complex formula have the plant material left in, which provides an authentic and great earthy taste. The Gold Formula contains the whole spectrum of cannabinoids and has a zesty, peppery taste.

CBD Oil in its concentrated form is a good choice because it contains naturally occurring vitamin E and fatty acids.  They also have plant sterols, chlorophyll, terpenes and other natural compounds that come from the ‘whole plant’ or phytocannabinoid matrix.

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Two different formulas

The Total Plant Complex formula is the least processed of all the CBD oil concentrates produced. In its concentrated form, it is available in oral applicators in 1, 3, and 10 gram sizes and also in gram jars. Grams jars can be bought in singles or in packs of 4 or 10.

Gold Formula Concentrates are the most highly refined pure CBD oil product we offer.  After decarboxylation, plant material is distilled from the oil without the use of solvents. This is similar to the Total Plant Complex, but many of the terpenes, plant sterols and chlorophyll are removed.  Gold formula is available in the same concentrations and sizes.

The Seed to Shelf™ Guarantee


CBD oil concentrates by Plus CBD Oil™ are backed by our Seed to Shelf™ Guarantee.

This promise assures that we:

  • only use agricultural hemp that is grown in the best conditions,
  • test, retest, and verify with qualified third party laboratories the quality and concentration of our products.
  • Provide that  the highest standards in manufacturing, production, distribution are met, and exceeded.

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