CBD Oil has a Growing Market with Demand for Innovation

CBD oil is a market that has gained a great deal of exposure over the past year. New companies are being formed each month in order to take advantage of the growing interest and buzz around CBD oil.

CBD oil is an ingredient from which new products continue to be developed. This is the case for both existing and new companies that are working to meet the expanding demand for CBD. CBD has inspired the curiosity of millions of Americans. It is a growing market in the United States, and brands like PlusCBD™ Oil, that have established customer bases, are constantly innovating.

CBD oil can be consumed in a variety of delivery systems, including sprays, balms, capsules, and concentrates. This year, we are expanding our product offering to include two new formats: softgels and drops.

Hemp CBD Softgels and Drops

CBD Oil Softgels by PlusCBD™ Oil

CBD Oil Softgels by PlusCBD™ Oil

Our CBD softgels come in two sizes and are formulated using Extra Virgin Olive Oil and PlusCBD™ Oil Gold Formula – no other added ingredients. Due to the simplicity of the formulation, many people prefer softgels to capsules, and this innovative product gives those people a choice they may want.

CBD Oil Drops by PlusCBD™ Oil

CBD Oil Drops by PlusCBD™ Oil

Our new CBD Drops can be easily added to a smoothie or shake and enjoyed while on the go. CBD in this format has been found to be attractive to athletes and people who live active lifestyles.

PlusCBD™ Oil helps to support balance in the body and mind. Full spectrum hemp extracts like our PlusCBD Oil™ Gold Formula, Total Plant Complex, and Raw formula contain key nutrients that all play a role in supporting a healthy mindset. Full spectrum oils typically are comprised of not only a variety of cannabinoids like CBD, but also fatty acids, terpenes, vitamin E, plant sterols, and chlorophyll, all naturally occurring.

PlusCBD™ Oil is an established and respected brand of nutritional supplements. With a stellar reputation for quality, purity and consistency, we are the Natural Products market-leading manufacturer. With product innovations like softgels and drops, we continue to provide hemp CBD oil to a growing market that that is experiencing incredible demand.

CBD: Understanding Today’s Hottest Wellness Ingredient Webinar | Plus CBD Oil from PlusCBD™ Oil on Vimeo.

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