Plus CBD Oil | MaggieFrank

Maggie Frank

With over 10 years in the Natural Products Industry, Maggie Frank has cultivated her passion for education through her extensive experience as an educator and health and wellness advocate. Ms. Frank first found her passion for nutrition while living on a sailboat in Mexico. Having to catch fish and trade for fresh fruits and vegetables, Ms. Frank came to the realization that whole, fresh foods make for a healthy, happy, more balanced lifestyle.

Inspired and determined, she then set off to share this experience with others and educate the public about nutrition. Ms. Frank started in the industry with a part-time job at Henry’s Marketplace (now known as Sprouts) in Carlsbad,CA and worked her way up to Natural Living Manager. She then graduated to National Educator for the esteemed greens company, Vibrant Health. She currently serves as the National Educator for CV Sciences, and believes hemp and phytocannabinoids hold tremendous promise for human health.

Plus CBD Oil | Sarill

Miles Sarill

Passionate about natural wellness from a young age, Miles Sarill has always been fascinated by herbalism. While finishing up his Master’s in Experimental Medicine from McGill University, Miles worked as an educator at Cambridge Naturals, a renowned natural health food store in Massachusetts and one of the first to add hemp CBD to their shelves. He now serves as one of CV Sciences’ educators, sharing his passion and expertise on the use of cannabinoids in wellness.

Plus CBD Oil | Lex

Lex Pelger

Lex Pelger studied biochemistry and molecular biology at Boston University and focused much of his interest in psychopharmaceuticals. He wrote his first two books on cannabis and traveled widely to gather people’s stories of how it affected them. He has given seminars on the biochemistry of our endocannabinoid system at universities, conferences, and even some high schools. Aside from being a full-time father, he currently serves as Director of Education at CV Sciences helping explain the wonders and the mysteries of CBD.